Many people believe that justice reigns supreme; in other words, that if you are in the right, have followed the law to the letter, a legal dispute will be resolved in your favor. This is not necessarily true for several reasons, the primary three of which are: a) juries, if a case gets there, make random decisions, b) the legal process is costly, and c) because of the forgoing, most business/legal disputes get resolved by some kind of negotiated agreement. I tell clients it is like rolling dice when we put a case before a jury. Juries make decisions based on their biases and emotional filters, like we all do, and that human element can skew the ideal of justice. Even judges sometimes make perplexing rulings that can head a case down a less than favorable path. And the research, legal work, investigators and experts become very expensive. These costs will quickly be in the thousands of dollars and most are settled “out of court.” This is where an expert negotiator who has dealt with hundreds of such cases becomes your ally.