Reading any of the other MYTHS should dispel this notion, but if you have come to this MYTH first, to summarize:

  1. Litigation is a complex process that is rampant with pitfalls. Every legal question should be properly analyzed by a professional for the best result.
  2. Operational strategies without legal consult can result in inadvertent unlawful and costly decisions that can be disastrous to a business.
  3. Making tax decisions without the advice of competent attorneys and CPAs can also be costly. It is highly unlikely that even the most intelligent lay person can fully understand the tax code.
  4. Choosing and protecting a tradename or trademark requires thorough research and analysis of existing business names and trademarks. Assuming that registering a domain name provides protection is a mistake. And simply doing a google search and registering a trademark through a DIY service can cause problems for years.

Business structures and entity choices require an in depth look at many aspects of a business plan; choosing an entity form and filing through a DIY service can cause time consuming and costly errors.