Med Spas/Concierge Practices

The majority of my practice deals with representing California medical spas and concierge practices. This requires knowledge and understanding of several areas of law that intersect to govern medical aesthetics practices and the licensing agencies with which the structure and operations must comply. I walk clients through the entire process of setting up a medical aesthetics practice from vetting and registering a name, creating the operating structure, lease review, and hiring and managing providers.

Concierge and other aesthetics practices are on the rise, and when any business or industry grows quickly, quality control becomes paramount. We analyze your objectives and create a clear, concise plan of action to set your practice up in a compliant manner with a focus on delegating control, tax-effective revenue distribution, and building an attractive acquisition target.


Before You Start A Concierge Practice

  • Practice Name – It is important to have the proposed practice name vetted by an attorney to ensure that it does not infringe on the tradename of an existing business;
  • Leasing Clinic Space – Make sure your clinic setting is compliant as a treatment room under the Building Code and the Medical Practices Act, and make sure the proper entity is named as the tenant on the lease. This will depend on your structure and exit strategy goals;
  • Entity Structure – What type of entity(ies) to use, corporation or LLC, requires an in-depth tax, liability, and funding/revenue analysis. This should not be a DIY endeavor but should be done by an attorney familiar with the medical aesthetics industry;
  • Supervising Physician/Medical Director – Know what kind of supervision is required for you, including geographic proximity of the physician, frequency of site visits required, level of oversight on charts, and training of the physician;
  • Marketing Compliance – Protect your license by knowing what you are and are not allowed to do on your website and social media outlets;
  • Revenue Flow – Patient fees must be paid into the medical practice. Know how to route revenue to business expenses and how to pay yourself in the most tax effective manner;
  • Employees – All providers other than physicians must be w-2 employees of the practice in California under AB5. Make sure you have well documented employee files to protect yourself from actions by your employees.


We Teach You How To:

  • Structure and operate your practice with patient care and protecting your license as the primary objective
  • Create a tax-effective revenue flow
  • Delegate control and supervision
  • Build value in your company


Administrative Licensing Defense

No one wants to get that call or visit from a DCA investigator, but if it happens we are here to manage the investigation and defend your license if an accusation is filed.

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