If you have an existing business or are starting a new business, I can help you navigate the landscape of financial and legal decisions that go into structuring a successful company.

Entity Choice

Choosing the correct entity saves money, headaches, and sets the business up for future success. This is not the time for DIY. Together you and I will perform an in depth analysis of your business plan, exit strategy and tax and liability considerations to determine the best entity for your business.


Contract language can make your life heaven or hell. Poorly drafted or generic contracts can cause costly disputes and draining litigation. Have agreements drafted right the first time and get the results you want.

Administrative Compliance

CLSB, EDD, IRS, FTB, MBC and the alphabet soup goes on! I can assist with compliance issues with governing agencies.

Dispute Management/ Negotiations

The success of a deal rests on research, well planned strategies, and on clearly communication the interests of the parties, not emotionally driven positioning. I have studied and taught negotiations for many years and I pride myself an getting great results for my clients.

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