Trademarks Test


Save thousands in unnecessary legal costs by ensuring that you are not infringing on another brand and by protecting your valuable brand with the correct tools. Trademark law is complex and fraught with misconceptions. Have your brands and IP analyzed for the best strategy for your business. Filings may include the following:

  • Federal Trademark

    This is a name or logo that is used in interstate commerce to sell a specific product or service (or multiple products or services). A US trademark provides evidence of ownership of the name or mark, and gives greater leverage to prevent infringement.

  • California Trademark

    If a trademark is used only in California, then a state trademark is the appropriate vehicle for registration. This provides the same evidence of ownership and protection against infringement as the US trademark.

  • State Service Mark

    California distinguishes between a mark used for goods and a mark used for services. A service mark is filed for a name or logo is used to represent services. This provides the same evidence of ownership and protection against infringement as the US trademark.

  • Foreign Trademarks

    There are a variety of choices when registering a mark in other countries. A mark can be registered in one country or a block of nations, depending on where the goods and services are marketed.

  • Trademark Disputes

    If you have received a “cease and desist” notification claiming that you are infringing on the trademark of another, or if you believe your trademark is being infringed upon, we can provide the expert legal analysis and a refined approach required to get the best possible in these complicated disputes.

  • Copyright

    A copyright protects created works such as music, art, literature, recipes and formulae. If art is used in your trademark, that art may also be copyrighted. Copyright protection may be used for website content and coding as well. Specific rules apply as to when a copyright should be filed.

  • Patents

    Patents protect inventions. There are several types of patents including design, utility and provisional. Although I do not do patent work (most patent attorneys have an engineering background!), I have excellent referral sources for this work.